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Experience – Building the Team

Founded by Rich Buchanan in 2011 Model Scenery and Structure is the realization of a lifelong passion to share his modeling skills with others that appreciate fine scale, high quality productions. Starting in 2006, an acquaintance ask to have a very large and complex HO layout built and installed in his home in California. Initially as a “spare time” project the progress was slow. In early 2011 the ‘spare time’ turned into full time as a long career in retail senior management wound down. Work on the big layout continued in earnest and installation of this breath taking layout was completed in August, 2013. The layout project provided a vehicle to hone rusty modeling skills, get up to speed on the latest in digital controls and computer software as well as refine the modular assemble process essential to layout prefabrication. Most importantly it was a platform to assemble a small team of skilled modelers. Combining a lifetime of modeling experience and with a team ready to go the time to expand the operation had arrived. Website development was completed in September 2013.

Small Outfit – Lofty Goals

Model Scenery and Structure is a small business with limited resources. We offer our integrity and passion to make every model or layout produced in our shop exceed expectations. Commitment to World Class service and quality product will position Model Scenery and Structure alongside industry leaders in the near future.

Model Scenery and Structure operates in 1200 sq. ft. facility. Although our facilities are small we are prepared to take on projects of any size in any configuration. The Model Scenery and Structure Modular System requires only adjacent sections be mated while the track work, scenery and wiring is being completed. As each section is finished it is tested then set aside. The next module is mated and the process repeats. When all modules are completed they are assembled for a final test prior to delivery. This process frees up working space to handle multiple layouts simultaneously with ease in our shop.

Building our business . . . . one customer at a time!