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Model Scenery & Structure builds models and dioramas with great attention to the smallest detail for collectors that appreciate museum quality and realism for their displays. These works of art are designed to meet the specifications of our clients. Precise detail and accuracy is achieved through in depth research to maintain overall look, proportion, color and fine detail. This process is applied in all builds allowing us to take on virtually any type project: military dioramas, boats, ships, planes, helicopters, automobiles, trains, service vehicles or most any subject. Sound and animation where appropriate can be integrated in the model or display bringing your showpiece realistically to life. Recreate memories of that plane you flew, your first car, a favorite boat or photo scene. These models are unique gifts and become timeless treasures that represent a truly special event for the recipient.

  • Aircraft – Boats – Vehicles – Ships – Trains – Buildings
  • City Scenes – Harbor Scenes – Industry Models
  • Architectural Models – Urban Planning Displays
  • Stand Alone Static Models – Dioramas – Lobby Presentations
  • Military Dioramas – Historic and Battlefield Recreations

Our Capability is Extensive. Models and Dioramas can be prepared to the most demanding specifications with precision, accuracy and realism. Suitable for presentation in the most demanding environments they spark conversation and comment when placed in any of the following areas:

  • Building Lobby Displays, Hotels, Resorts, Municipal Buildings
  • Personal Living areas, Foyers, Dens, Great Rooms
  • Exhibition Displays for Business, New Equipment Plans
  • Community Growth Project Displays, City Planning Model
  • Office Displays, Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Reception Areas
  • Meeting Rooms, VFW, Masonic Lodge, Churches, Schools

Model & Diorama Build Fee The unique character of each project requires various modeling techniques. Hand made models are time intensive whether from a basic or craftsmen kit, kit-bashed or built from scratch. Labor can easily exceed ten times the cost of materials. We will communicate actively with you to define and clarify all of the details. When you’re comfortable that the specifications for the project accurately reflect your expectations Model Scenery & Structure will prepare a Build Proposal. When the Build Proposal is signed off we are ready to roll. The Build will be scheduled when the Build Proposal payment is received as agreed.