1. Where are you located?

    • Model Scenery & Structure is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina

2. What’s the best way to contact you?

    • Click Contact Us Call: 336-924-0285 Call or Text: 845-797-9533

3. Why buy from Model Scenery & Structure?

    • Although Model Scenery & Structure is a young business we are committed to providing high quality work that will exceed your expectations. Building a strong reputation is our first priority. We have a strong team of artists with specific modeling specialties ready to meet any challenge. We will deliver on time and you will be satisfied! Currently our backlog is small so we can start a project quickly!

    • We are egger to tackle more projects to build our portfolio and our list of satisfied customers. Our modeling experience allows us to take on projects that others may not such as large room size layouts, custom cabinets, enclosures and power control modules, complex helixes, high elevation track and scenery, hand-laid track and turnouts, thru-wall staging areas among others.

4. Are all your railroads modular?

    • No. Smaller layouts are fabricated in one piece. Generally the size of a layout will be governed by the size of access ways to the layouts final location. Many one piece and modular layout are permanently installed.

5. Can you build onsite or work on my layout in my home?

    • We offer ongoing in-home service for layouts we have built or installed. At this stage in our business growth we are unable to offer service on layouts built by others. We will grow into this service in the near future. Building a layout on site is possible in our immediate area but I’d strongly recommend the layout be built in our shop and then either picked up or delivered and installed. The additional labor cost to build onsite would be prohibitive particularly if out of our immediate area.

6. Do you only build for people in your area?

    • Most all of our business is from out of our area. We can ship and install most anywhere. If you can get to your location in a mid-size truck we can install a layout.

7. Can you estimate the cost of a layout?

    • Model Railroad cost varies with layout size complexity and stage of completion. Small layouts can run as low as $1500 while large private layouts with complete functionality can be $50,000 or more. Fill out our Design Inquiry Form and we will be happy to give you a rough estimate.

8. What type railroads do you build? What scale?

    • Model Scenery & Structure builds indoor railroads of any size and any configuration including multi-level, shelf, hidden staging areas and helixes with multiple train operation in DC or DCC to name a few. Any scale from O thru Z can be modeled.

9. How do “model” and “toy train” layouts differ?

    • Toy trains are very simple setups and do not adhere to scale or prototypical detail. Model Railroads are built to a specific scale so proportions of each element are consistent with the scene, structure or equipment being modeled. Model Railroads can operate as do real railroads with prototypical signals, crossing gates, lighting and sounds that bring the layout to life.

10. How long does it take to build a Model Railroad?

    • It depends on the size and complexity of the project. Small layouts the size of a sheet of plywood can be built in a few days after planning is completed. Large sectional multi-level monsters with all the bells and whistles can take months or even years to complete. Fill out our Design Inquiry Form to get started!

11. I want to build over several years. Do you build in stages?

    • Yes. We can accommodate your needs and break the work into manageable stages that meet your requirements. The first step is to get a Basic Track Plan developed!

12. Will you ship the completed railroad to me?

    • We can ship it you or you can pick it up at our shop. Shipping costs can range from several hundred dollars for really small layouts to $5,000 or more for large complex layouts.

13. Are all custom railroads expensive?

    • Custom built Model Railroads are extremely labor intensive and are therefore expensive as with any high quality handcrafted item like custom furniture or a custom kitchen. However, a small layout with track, basic wiring & power control and no deck detail that you pick up and install can be pretty reasonable. Fill out our Design Inquiry and we will work with you to come up with a reasonably priced small operational starter module. You can enjoy running trains while finishing out the scenery and structures.

14. Do you have a payment schedule, if so how does it work?

    • We do! Each project will be structured based on it’s complexity but let’s use a $50,000 Complete Design, Build and Install for an example. Payments might be set up as follows:

        • $ 6,000 – Down Payment
        • $12,000 – Design Plans Complete (includes Bench, Layout Design & Wiring Plans)
        • $ 9,000 – Bench, track, wiring complete
        • $12,000 – Scenery and structures complete
        • $ 6,000 – DCC components installed and wired
        • $ 5,000 – Layout complete, tested and crated (final payment is due prior to delivery)

We can tailor a payment schedule that works for you!

15. What is the process to get my layout started?

    • Start with our Design Inquiry. Fill it out and we will contact you to get the Basic Track Plan started. After the Basic Track Plan is completed we can get you a firm estimate to Build your layout. There is a fee to have a Layout Plan  completed. Go to the Layout Planning and Designs tab on our website navigation bar for more information on getting started.

    • Call 336-924-0285 if you have questions.

16. What types of payment do you accept?

    • Personal Checks
    • Visa, Mastercaed, Discover, American Express via PayPal.