Model Railroad Installation - 105

Completed Model Railroads are ready for delivery and installation. We offer services from delivery only to complete onsite installation, hookup and testing. Smaller freestanding layouts may only require crating prior to shipping. Larger layouts and layouts with installed scenery and structures require special handling which may include crating with vibration dampers or cushion tread casters.

Once the layout is onsite you may elect to do the installation yourself. Again, with large complex railroads we prefer to complete the installation, hookup and testing. When the layout is installed by Model Scenery and Structure time is set aside to familiarize you with the operation of the layout and any adjustment or programming details leaving you with an turnkey Model Railroad ready to run trains and enjoy!

Model Railroad Installation - 516

Installation Services

  • Nationwide delivery and installation.
  • Secure and prep for Customer Pick Up.
  • Crate for F.O.B. delivery with common carrier or specialized fragile load LTL common carrier.
  • Cradle for on site delivery by Model Scenery and Structure.
  • On site delivery and installation of the layout.
  • On site install and testing of electronics.
  • On site install and testing of Computer Control software, digital interface and the digital hardware components.
  • Training on operational features and maintenance procedures.

Install Proposal The install fee will be determined by the type of install, the layout size and complexity, the geographic location and the access to the final layout location. Delivery or onsite installation by Model Scenery and Structure will include crating, truck, travel, lodging expenses and insurance for the layout while in transit. The Install Proposal with an Install Scope of Work and Timeline will be presented for your review. Revisions will be made as required to accurately represent your expectations. The fee and payment structure will be agreed on and incorporated into the Install Proposal. Once the Install Proposal is signed off we are ready to move forward. Delivery preparations will begin upon payment as defined in the Install Proposal.