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Dream Come True What stirs your desire to have an operating layout? Perhaps it’s the sound of a locomotive struggling to make a steep grade, a diesel starting up at the roundhouse, the challenge of working a switching yard building a freight consist, keeping the mainline passenger traffic on schedule, the fascination of scenery and structures that look better than real, a logging train winding through mountain passes, memories of trains from years gone by or maybe it’s the trains you see running the rails on your way to work every day that get you going. Have you daydreamed about the perfect layout and visualized how it would operate? You may have spent a lifetime collecting locomotives, rolling stock, structures and accessories for that “someday” layout. Maybe you’ve just discovered Model Railroading and want an operating railroad but don’t have the required skills. Perhaps you have dabbled in Model Railroading for years but just don’t have the time or patience to build a complete layout yourself. Model Scenery and Structure has the solution!

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Model Scenery and Structure will work closely with you to gather information and quantify your expectations for that dream layout. We will develop a Basic Track Plan and Layout Plan Set that will be is used to fabricate and install your craftsman quality, great looking Model Railroad Layout. If Model Railroading is new to you and you don’t know where to start or if you’re an old hat with very specific ideas of what you want in a layout we can help bring your DREAM layout to life!

Model Scenery & Structure is committed to creating World Class, Museum Quality Model Railroads with unequaled low maintenance reliability that satisfy every aspect of your unique requirements. Only the finest quality materials and products are used in the fabrication process. We strictly adhere to your approved plan during fabrication to assure on budget, on time completion. Your layout is built utilizing our modular system and delivered in finished sections. The sections are assembled on site.

This method provides several benefits:

  • Installations are quick and generally completed in several days.
  • Sections can be delivered most anywhere – even the monster layouts.
  • If you move the sections can be disassembled – you can take them with you.
  • Electrical is Plug-n-Play – main power leads plug into prepared dedicated outlets.
  • Modular sections facilitate future layout expansion.
  • Step by step directions are provided if your doing the installation.

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Layout Development A great deal of time is spent developing the initial layout plan. Vigorous interaction with you is critical. This open communication produces a plan that incorporates all of your wants and expectations and is a solid framework for the Build Phase. The plan eliminates fabrication changes and provides a critical path for material acquisition and preparing individual elements for the layout. The result is a cost effective project. The time invested in the planning is the key to creating the high quality layouts for which we are known and that become objects of pride for our clients.

Layouts range from a deck with track and turnouts in place ready for you finish all the way to complete turnkey railways with track, wiring, scenery, structures and control systems ready to go. We can even load the data for the computer control program. Model Scenery and Structure will create your layout whether your vision is a small module with 4 feet of track or a monster layout with hundreds of feet of mainline plus switching yards, engine yards, passenger stations, a multi-level helix and a mountain spur operated by the latest digital and computer systems with prototypical signaling, turnout interlocking, transponding, running multiple auto-train schedules and simultaneous manual trains operated by multiple users. Maybe it’s something in between.

A great way to get started on your layout is to have the bench built with track, wiring and operating components installed. This level of build has a relatively quick completion time and can be done at a very reasonable price. You can enjoy running trains while building the structures and completing the scenery. Simply stated, the heavy lifting is done leaving you the fun part of bring the layout to life. This is our most popular build.

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Getting started is simple. Fill out our Design Inquiry Form. Even if you’re not ready to get started now, filling out our Design Inquiry Form may help mold your DREAMS for that future layout you know is in the cards. Click here to get the form!

Model Scenery & Structure Services

  • Model Railroad Layouts: Design – Build – Install
  • Static Display Models – Backdrops – Benchwork
  • Computer Control Systems – Custom Structures
  • Track Plans – DCC Installations – Scale Lighting
  • Computer Software – Turntable Installations
  • Prototype Signaling Systems – Realistic Scenery
  • Commercial Dioramas – On-Site Installation
  • DC Systems – Nationwide Installation or Delivery